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Roncesvalles Village

Size Ranges

427 - 1,490 sq. ft.

Historic nuances and a prime location -- the Robert Watson Lofts are an endearing place to call home.

A Tour of Robert Watson Lofts

Living in the Robert Watson Lofts is truly a dream, and it’s for the following reasons that locals love it:

Robert Watson Lofts

The Community

Only a two-minute walk to Dundas Street West, Robert Watson Lofts is tucked away in residential bliss and close to Souraren Park.
Robert Watson Lofts

The Units

Real character abounds in each of these lofts, with brickwork walls, bright warehouse windows, and more charm-filled extras.
Robert Watson Lofts

The History

Situated in a former candy manufacturing plant, Robert Watson Lofts is truly one of the most significant and charming residences in Toronto.