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Remember the enjoyment you had purchasing your current home? The market has changed, but that sense of fun, excitement, and opportunity is still there.

We have helped downsizers, just like you, and can help put your mind at ease with a proven system that helps take the necessary steps on the right timeline. We put everything in place to make things seamless for you.

We’re Attuned To Your Needs

If you’re making a change to your lifestyle, you deserve to feel good about it.

That’s our role. We nurture an environment for discussing possibilities, enhancing your perspective, remaining emotionally intelligent to your needs, and acting when the time is right. It’s always about what works for you.

Here’s how we help write your next chapter in life:


Confident Decision Making

Our specialty in downsizing comes from understanding this unique, yet underserved, market. We provide insight, operate on your timelines, and handle all the moving parts and details like we have done many times before.


Considering Your Options

If you need a better idea of your options, we provide a range to determine where you can make your best purchase — from homes on the market to some of the city’s best preconstruction opportunities.


Proactive Communication

When you need something from us, we are never far away. We believe in prompt and clear communication, where you can trust that we will always be in touch first.


Moving At Your Speed

Whether you want to sell before you buy, test out the rental market, or simply consider your options, we are here to help. We can give you an idea of what makes sense to help you enjoy your wealth along with a new lifestyle.


White Glove Service

As you sell your home to make your move, we want to give you the service you deserve. We offer everything from staging your home to decluttering and helping you manage your space (so you can feel at home in your new one).


Executing Your Vision

Everyone’s idea of downsizing is different. We’ll introduce you to boutique buildings, new neighbourhoods, potential gems, and help you feel at home without feeling disconnected from a community. You get to enjoy your life, and we help get you there.

"Sean’s experience and work-ethic provided us with the confidence required to navigate our move in a complicated market. His strong interpersonal skills helped us find a home we both love. He always made us feel that helping us was the most important part of his day."

- Danielle and Josh

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Let's Talk About Your Unique Needs

When it comes to downsizing, we remain sensitive to your unique needs. We’re sure you have questions and considerations based on where you are in life, and we will help. All you have to do is get in touch to get our expertise.

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Discovering Your Boutique Lifestyle

We are specialists in Toronto’s unique collection of boutique buildings. We can open your eyes to the opportunity, the investment it provides, and the lifestyle it affords you. Click below to learn more.

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